Carl F. Swinehart, PhD, the author, is listed in the American Men and Women of Science. Dr. Swinehart was employed by Harshaw Chemical Company in Cleveland, Ohio and its successors as a crystal chemist. He was or was among the inventor(s) of 26 U.S. patents granted between the years 1938 to 1986; 10 for crystal optics, 5 for scintillation detectors, 2 for TL phosphors, 6 for fluorides which have a bearing upon the subjects discussed as well as 3 others. In addition, Dr. Swinehart studied Astronomy in college and has always been interested in the study of Indian Mounds in Ohio ( an interest which was inspired by his father, Rev. Francis Marion Swinehart, D.D. (1866-1932) who served in a number of congregations in locations close to the ancient earthworks at Portsmouth, Bainbridge, Rocky Fork Meeting at Carmel, Greenfield, Madisonville (Cincinnati) and others.) This unique combination of expertise and experience has lead to the publishing of this article which gives some new theories concerning the Mound Builders.


Carol F. Swinehart 1999

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