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Thomas Swinehart has served the mining and electrical power industries through his employment with American Electric Power. While serving as the manager of exploration and geology and senior regional coal procurement manager for 28 years, he was responsible for:
  • Directing of long and short term planning and execution of purchases of coal for the AEP power plants in order to assure the continuous flow of electricity
  • Formulation of specifications for coal contracts, soliciting and evaluating the coal supply proposals as well as ensuring that the supply contracts were properly monitored for compliance
  • Coordinating the delivery of coal to maintain sufficient inventory at the plants from the suppliers
  • Developing the use of synfuel
  • Initiating meetings between plant operators and suppliers in order to promote the cooperation and awareness of the respective operations
  • Involving coal supplier qualification verification as it relates to the geological aspects of the coal properties and coal mines
  • Provided geological evaluations, coal reserve estimates, potential coal mining condition evaluations and evaluation relating to the effects of coal mining
  • Studying the effects of longwall mining on geology and ground water hydrology
  • Providing testimony in court and at public hearings as an expert witness relating to geological mine conditions and coal reserve evaluations